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Award Winning Rabbits 

I have been a hobbyist breeder of rabbits for over 30 years and have had many breeds recognized by ARBA for which I am a member. I now specialize in French Lops, Holland Lops, English Angoras and Californians but also have Dutch, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs, Lion Head Dwarf Mix and New Zealand.

Breeding, raising and having bunnies for youngsters to show and sharing with individuals is an enjoyable project. I am glad to help folks know how to care for and get the most enjoyment from their rabbits.

The Bunny Haven is available for children or family tours and many of the bunnies are used by local photographers for Springtime photos with children.

Young bunnies as well as adult rabbits are sometimes available and must be collected from where I live since we do not ship.

If you have questions or if there is something you are interested in,
please call:

Shelba at 972-436-6238 and we will see what we can do to help.

The bunnies along with chickens, flower garden and association with people make for a fun and enjoyable hobby.

Please view some of our Photo's!

Information: Call Shelba at 972-436-6238 or click here 

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